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Chilean Culture

Chile CultureUpon entering Santiago you will note that travelers from Europe, and North America blend in well. Chile, like Argentina and Uruguay was settled by many immigrants from Germany, Scandinavia, and other European countries. This distinction has influenced the country’s culture in the form of its art, literature, music, and design.

Through a European influenced educational system, you can also see a great love for the arts, which is represented in many museums and theatre productions. Pablo Neruda and Gabriel Mistral are sons of Chile that went on to gain world acclaim for their poetry.  Cinema is also a large medium for artistic expression in Chile.

Futbol (soccer) as in most of the world is the most popular sport of Chile. The country hosted the World Cup games in 1962, where they placed in third, which was their best showing of all time. The Chilean version of Rodeo is very popular in more rural areas and draw huge crowds that rival those in the Futbol contingent.

With great access to the Pacific, surfing is very popular in Chile and you can find many great surf beaches near Santiago. Skiing and snowboarding are huge through out the country and world class given the heights of the Andes. Basketball is gaining some exposure in the country, but is not nearly as big as what you find in Europe and North America.

Culture of ChileLike most people in South America, the majority of Chileans have been brought up to worship in the Catholic Church. Only 1 out of 10 people would consider themselves part of a different religion.  Protestants make up the biggest portion of this minority. The Catholic church remains a major influence on the people. This can be seen in its Cathedrals and other Churches which were built with much grandeur.  You will of course find individual local influences on traditions and ceremonies of the church.

Spanish remains from colonial times as the official language of Chile.  Mapuche is the largest indigenous language with around 500,000 speakers in the Country today. There are still hundreds of other indigenous language spoken in the Southern part of the country.

Due to many of its cities in close proximity to the Sea, seafood plays a majore role in the food of Chile is reflected in this. You will find many types of fish offered in all styles.  Luscious Chilean Sea Bass is probably one of the most well known fish from the area that is in upscale restaurants around the world. Chile is also known for its pastures which is reflected in its wide offerings of pork and beef dishes. One of the most prized dishes in the country is Curanto which is a rich and hearty stew combining different types of seafood, potatoes, lamb, chicken, beef, and pork. 

Food of ChileEuropean influences have carried over into Chile including German cakes and the Chilean version of the dry cured Serrano Jamon from Spain. You can also find middle eastern and Asian influences in different parts of the country.

The countries flourishing vineyards have produced award winning wines which are consumed in great amounts locally and exported all over the world. You may say they are the best in South America, but I am sure some Argentines would put up a fuss with this argument.

Another alcoholic beverage that is best recognized as a popular drink in Chile is Pisco sour. Pisco sour is widely drank around the country. The drinks name comes from a town in Peru. Peruvian lands at one time extended into parts of  Present-day Chile during colonial times  and the love for the drink was shared among all in the area, which has now carried over to the entire country of Chile as well as Peru. Pisco is a grape brandy that is combined with lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters, and egg white to create the Pisco sour.



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