Spanish Language Schools In Chile

Transportation in Chile

Bus Service:

Regional and National Bus Service:

Multiple bus companies provide service all over the country. A good guide book will help you with the bus company that provides service for the locations of interest as well as the appropriate station location.

Short trips may leave more regularly on the quarter or half hour, while some longer trips may only run a few times each day depending on the demand. The buses are modern with comfortable amenities and are fairly efficient with their scheduling. In Santiago there are also specific buses that provide services to the nearby ski resorts.

Local bus service:

Major cities like Valparaiso and Santiago offer local bus service with yellow buses, which are locally called Combis. The cost is right around 50 cents. Each line has its own numbers so you can determine the right bus to take given your destination.

A bus map can help you get to where you are going in the shortest period of time. Signs at the bus stops as well as those posted on the bus windshield help you figure out where that bus line goes. Bus service provides access to more parts of the city than the metro train and provides for a much better view.

Subway: "Metro"

Santiago's Metro system ranks as one of the most modern in the World. You can find over 2 Million people utilizing the services of the train network on a daily basis. There are currently 5 lines which are always growing with the population's demand.

The Metro train runs from 6:30 AM to 10 PM on weekdays plus Saturday, and 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM on Sunday and on holidays. You can take the train any time of day for less than $1 USD

Taxi Service

Taxis can be found all over major cities. In Santiago you will find them at all major ports as well as hotels or major points of interest. They are also found in high traffic areas or in passing. Official taxis will be registered and have a meter.

Taxi fare is reasonable by world standard, but of course more expensive than public transportation. In general you will pay $1.75 for the first mile and $1.25 for each additional mile. Surcharges may be levied from some points of interest. In Santiago you will find many taxis that are black and yellow. You should only pay around $15-$25 going from the airport to downtown. If unsure about the honesty of a driver it doesn't hurt to ask for the price in advance.

Car Rental

Econorent, United, Lys, Ace and Star are a few car rental companies you will find in Chile. Direct services are offered at major airports including Santiago International Airport (SCL). There are also offices scattered around major cities. Recreation vehicles are available for rent which can be of multipurpose use when exploring Chile

You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car. A valid driver's license in your name is required. Other typical rental policies apply. Be sure to read your contract and price points before agreeing to the terms. Car rental can give you much freedom in scheduling, but be sure to acquaint yourself with local driving laws if you choose this option for transportation.




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